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About Us

Ober-Scapes is a landscape Design Build company that has been building world-class gardens for nearly 20 years. We were Grace Design Associates builders and installers of all Margie Grace landscape jobs. John and Eric would bring to life the gardens of her astounding designs. She has retired now dedicating more of her time to her friends and family. With years of building expertise her brother and nephew, John and Eric Oberholtzer, are continuing to design build World Class Gardens under the new company “Ober-Scapes.” 

During these 20 years, John and Eric have mastered a plethora of key skills as builders. Their talented hands have not only brought Margie’s gardens to life but have won multiple awards, including nine awards for “Builder of the Year” from Santa Barbara Contractor’s Association. From both hand-selecting the best plant materials and accessories from local vendors to doing the installation themselves, our company can beautifully capture exactly what is envisioned by the designer and client. We are experts in building and installing all the phases of the landscape job from hardscapes (flagstone, pavers, stairs, stone walls, D.G. walkways), retaining walls, fireplaces, decks, planting, irrigation {backflows, regulator, mainlines, drip and overhead systems, clocks etc.), lighting among others. Our crew is also certified to drive a vast range of heavy equipment machines such as excavators, loaders, grader-all’s etc.


We invite you to connect with us to help you design build your next project!

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